EU pork prices: stable conditions despite worsening ASF situation

Rabobank reports show that African swine fever has now spread to 50 countries worldwide but conditions in the European market are generally stable.

ISN reports on the latest market situation in Europe this week. Based on stable conditions in Germany, unchanged prices were also observed in the neighbouring countries, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Austria. The slight increase in pig numbers at market is balanced out by high demand from slaughter companies.

The primary driving force for high demand and the current price level is the busy export to Asia. Rabobank analysts recently reported that African swine fever has now spread to around 50 countries worldwide, accounting for around 75 percent of the global supply. Particularly affected are the countries in Eastern Europe and Asia. In addition to China, more confirmed cases continue to emerge in Vietnam, the world's sixth largest pork producer.
The booming export to Asia has boosted Danish prices this year, contrary to the trend of the other European countries. The Danish listing, which for a long time was not very competitive in the summer, is now almost on par with the German price.